IN PGC IS 28 Feb, 2014.

1. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country and the ________  largest country in the world in terms of area.

(a) 26th (b) 36th  (c) 46th

2. ________ is a federation composed of 28 states and 7 union territories.

(a) India (b) Iran (c) Iraq

3. On 4 ________ 1948, the nation became an independent republic, named the Union of Burma.

(a) January (b) June (c) July

4. The United States of America, is a federal republic consisting of ________ states, 16 territories, and a federal district, between Canada and Mexico.

(a) 52 (b) 51 (c) 50

5. Saudi Arabia joined the UN in ________ and is a founder member of the Arab League, Gulf Cooperation Council, Muslim World League.

(a) 1945 (b) 1948  (c) 1952

6. Stone Town is located roughly in the middle of the west coast of Unguja, on a small promontory protruding into the ________ Channel.

(a) Tanzania (b) Kenya (c) Zanzibar

7. The ________ is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and north, the North Sea in the east, the English Channel in the south, and the Irish Sea in the west.

(a) Portugal (b) Spain (c) United Kingdom

8. Muhammad Ali Jinnah served as leader of the All-India Muslim League from ________ until Pakistan's independence on 14 August 1947.

(a) 1913 (b) 1914 (c) 1922

9. In 1922, Allama Iqbal was knighted by King George V, giving him the title "Sir". While studying law and philosophy in England, Iqbal became a member of the ________ branch of the All India Muslim League.

 (a) Berlin (b) Paris (c) London

10. Syed Ahmed Khan was born in ________, the then capital of the Mughal Empire. He was an Indian educator and politician, and an Islamic reformer and modernist.

 (a) Rampur (b) Delhi (c) Agra

11. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto educated at USC, Berkeley and Oxford. He entered politics as one of President ________ cabinet members.

(a) Mohammed Ali Bogra’s (b) Iskander Mirza's (c) Ayub Khan’s

12. Mian Nawaz Sharif rose to prominence as part of General Zia-ul-Haq's military regime in the 1980s under the wing of Governor of Punjab ________.

(a) Ghulam Yasin Khan (b) Ghulam Jilani Khan (c) Ghulam Rasool Khan

13. According to 2013 elections results PTI is Pakistan's close ________ largest party, second largest in Punjab while largest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

(a) second (b) third  (c) fourth

14. Mullah Omar has been wanted by the U.S. State Department's Rewards for Justice program since October ________, for sheltering Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda militants in the years prior to the September 11 attacks.

(a) 2001 (b) 2002 (c) 2003

15. Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov is a Russian small arms designer, most famous for developing the AK-47, AKM, and ________ assault rifles.

(a) AK 77 (b) AK 44 (c) AK74

16. The President of Pakistan is the civilian supreme commander of the Pakistan Armed Forces by statute, while the Prime Minister of Pakistan served as the Chief ________ of Pakistan Armed Forces.

(a) Executive (b) Supervisor (c) Controller

17. After a brief struggle between India and Pakistan Junagadh joined India on 9 November 1947. It was a part of Saurashtra state and later ________ state.

(a) Bombay (b) Hyderabad (c) Junagadh

18. When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, Karachi was its first capital. In ________, Islamabad was constructed as a forward capital for several reasons.

(a) 1950 (b) 1955 (c) 1960

19. Pervez Khattak received his early education at the Aitchison College, Lahore. After doing Senior Cambridge from Aitchison, Khattak went to Gordon College,________ for his graduation.

(a) Rawalpindi (b) Quetta (c) Lahore

20. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a ________ army officer in the Ottoman military, revolutionary statesman, and the first President of Turkey.

(a) Saudi (b) British (c) Turkish