Quaid-e-Azam Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:
“No doubt, there are many people who do not quite appreciate when we talk of Islam. Islam is not only a set of rituals, traditions and spiritual doctrines. Islam is also a code for every Muslim, which regulates his life and his conduct in even politics and economics and the like. It is based upon highest principles of honour, integrity, fair play and justice for all.” (5th March 1948)


National Academy of Political Awareness (NAPA) is working for the Political awareness of the people of Pakistan about election process and to educate and train the people about their political, fundamental human and constitutional rights.  NAPA wants to protect the economic, social and political rights, interests, privileges and values of the people of Pakistan and to guide as well as to bring peace, progress and prosperity for them.  NAPA continued its voyage in the most adverse circumstances and has been successful in the achievement of its goal under the strategy that slow and steady wins the race.

National Academy of Political Awareness (NAPA) is at present working on the General Public Project, Voters’ Awareness Project and the Education & Training Project at a very limited scale.  However as soon as the financial resources are made available the work on the above-mentioned projects as well as other projects will be started.

No doubt there is an acute scarcity of political leadership in Pakistan nowadays. Political leaders have lost their credibility, and the institutions have lost their sanctity.  However, it may be called natural phenomena. The darkness predicts a new and bright morning after it, which may bring progress and prosperity alongwith it. Of course,  it is hoped that patriotic and nation loving people, bodies and friendly countries would assist and cooperate with the NAPA technically as well as financially.

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