Under the present circumstances it is compulsory to concentrate the opinion of the voters on the point of restoration of peoples’ rule.  To achieve this goal Voters’ Awareness Project has been designed.  It comprises of three parts, details of which are as under: 


  1. In order to make the election system successful in Pakistan voters must be aware of the importance and value of their votes. It is the awareness, which will enable the voters’ to choose a correct candidate and to make him accountable.  The awareness is the base of the democratic role on which the edifice of good governance rests.  Once a purely democratic government is installed there need no accountability bureau.
  1. The democratic role requires correct and upto date voters’ lists and full participation of the voters’ in election process, and to cast vote independently without any coercions, intimidation or enticements. Therefore voters shall be educated accordingly.
  1. Voters’ education shall commence from enlistment of their names in voters’ lists upto the casting of votes in polling booth.
  1. Voter shall be advised to participate in election process in a large majority so that a representative and responsible government could be installed.
  1. Responsibility of elected members, performance of legislative assembly and the rights of voters shall be publicized and highlighted so that the democrative role may work smoothly and effectively.
  1. Meetings between the voters and the elected members of the national, provincial and local bodies constituencies shall be arranged in order to make them acquainted with each other and to create a democratic atmosphere.

For the achievement of these ends posters and informative literatures shall be published in Urdu, English and the regional languages of the country.  These posters shall be pasted on conspicuous public places.  Use of the audio-visual equipments, cassettes and cinema slides shall also be made in this respect.  Public rallies, processions, meetings and workshops shall also be held.  Use of print and electronic media shall also be made.  Two magazines one in English and the other in Urdu shall be published so that people may become well aware of the importance and power of their vote and may be able to make use of their votes more carefully and effectively. The magazines shall contain articles, reports and surveys on elections held in other countries and political movements of the world.


  1. Election is an integral part of the democratic institutions, therefore, independent, transparent and impartial election process is a must for the survival of democracy.  Election results depend upon the trained electoral staff, trained workers of political parties and the awareness of voters about the electoral rules, regulations and procedures.
  1. NAPA is striving hard to simplify the electoral procedure.  NAPA is going to establish National Electoral Training Institute(NETI) for the training of political workers and the voters. Since election process is a complicated procedure, it requires intensive  training for the staff members, party workers and the voters.  The training should fulfill the following objectives:
  1. The training program shall comprise of enlistment of voters, maintaining and updating of electoral lists, pre-election irregularities, responsibilities of electoral staff, role of judicial officers in election, role of law enforcing agencies, forms and material required for election and its availability at polling stations, rights of voters and its use, selection of a capable candidate, role of political workers, counting of votes, tabulating the result of counting and its announcement.            
  1. NAPA shall set up training centers for imparting training to the polling staff.  Hand books and pamphlets shall be printed for the guidance of the polling staff which shall be supplied on demand.
  1. NAPA shall arrange to telecast the training programs for the voters on Radio and TV and documentary films shall be exhibited.
  1. The process of preparation and distribution of training material shall be computerized through a net work in whole of the country.


  1. The NAPA shall have constant associations and communications with the elected representatives and political parties for running the system smoothly.
  1. In order to avoid any awful incident NAPA shall work for conciliation and shall create a sphere of understanding and dialogue.  Moreover NAPA has appointed Election Monitors for invigilation and taking stock of the situation in all the districts of the country.  They will check the irregularities and violations of election process.
  1. NAPA shall build confidence in voters by creating a peaceful atmosphere through educational programs and rules of ethics.
  1. NAPA shall arrange the participation of political parties in the process of counting of votes, tabulation of polling results and their announcement in order to make the whole process transparent.
  1. NAPA shall keep the voters informed of all the issues and matters involved in elections through print electronics media and shall also take notice of the issues raised in press.
  1. NAPA shall convince the voters of the importance of participation in election process and of the importance of vote.  Through close relations with the press, NAPA shall provide  the voters balanced and impartial news regarding election and views and opinions of thinkers and newspaper editors.  This will continue in post election period to maintain tranquility and peaceful atmosphere.
  1. The NAPA shall monitor the news bulletin and propaganda campaign of contesting candidates broadcasted on radio, TV and published in newspapers under government control.  In this connection guiding principles shall be framed for broadcasting the speeches and interviews of political leaders.