A common person who uses of his/her full time and energy for earning livelihood finds no time to obtain knowledge regarding his economic, social and political rights and privileges.  His/her life is badly affected by the occurrence of events of political anarchy in the country every now and then in which he/she had no participation except to cast vote in the foregone elections.  They are not even aware of their basic human rights because they believe that politics is a game of ruling elites, and that they are born subjugated.  

Life of a common man has become a compound of miseries and problems. Unfortunately he regards all this to be his fate. Due to lack of  political knowledge he has been victimized by the ruling elites who often compromise on his interests.  People are indifferent to whether they are governed by their elected representatives or by the guards of the frontiers of their country or by the proud and haughty bureaucrats. They have blind faith on hollow promises and are expecting miracles for their rescue and wish a revolution which may spread all over the country like a storm.

This project has been organized keeping in view the level of education of a common man. It includes circulars, pamphlets, booklets, seminars and workshops etc. Use of audio-visual equipments  will also be made to diffuse political awareness in the general public. It will make the common man aware of his political rights and will enable him to have a full stock of democracy, good governance, freedom, basic human rights, peace and tranquility. It will help to install a responsible government in the country.