This program has been shaped to educate and train the parliamentarians, political and social workers to promote their skills and abilities in the field of  representation.  At present the Political Management Course (PMC) has been introduced with resources.It aims to coincide and balance the political awareness, education and training so that the oppressed and subjugated people may individually as well as collectively  reap the fruits of progress and development economically, socially and politically and their dreams may become true. People throughout the country have shown their interest in this course. 


 As politics is a vast subject and covers various aspects of the society, it requires a vast and continuous study to achieve a comprehensive knowledge in the field. Therefore after qualifying these courses ,  Post Courses Guidance (PCG) has been designed as an advance level in the field.  It covers domestic as well as international politics, personality grooming, character building, art of leadership, organization, power participation and current affairs.


In order to upgrade the economic, social and political system of Pakistan upto the international standard and to bring it upto the aspirations of the people, proposals on the one hand, are being collected from politicians, journalists, traders and other segments of the society, and on the other hand, from the developed democratic countries of the world, so that an standard and modern social, economic and political system may be adopted which will safeguard the basic human and political, economical and social rights of the people and will install a true democratic and accountable government.   The NAPA has successfully gained the cooperation of like organizations of a number of countries. NAPA has studied the literature sent by the international organizations and institutions covering six continents of the world for taking benefit from their experiments, trademanship and skills for our country and the nation.

The trained and educated  members and office bearers of the NAPA shall be sent abroad on Research & Study Tours (RST) specially on the occasion of elections in those countries.  Furthermore the members and office bearers shall visit the offices of the international institutions and organizations to acquaint themselves of the working pattern and modern scientific skills and techniques of the foreign organizations so that these could be tested and applied in our own institutions.  In short NAPA is striving hard to bring revolutionary changes in socio-economic structure of Pakistan, through electro-political reforms for this purpose basic political training and education, and foreign study tours are of utmost importance.

 Moreover under Education and Training Project different courses shall be commenced which will be useful for students, labours, farmers, social workers, political workers, local bodies councillors, members of Provincial and National Assemblies, Senators and political leaders. For this purpose institutes shall be set up in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and other places of the country.  These institutes shall be equipped with the latest tools for aparting political education and training.