The main cause of the present worst and adverse circumstances of the country and the people of Pakistan is lack of national integrity and prejudice in every walk of life.  Racial and linguistic prejudice is at its peak.  Top most political leaders have passed prejudicial remarks, like “Sindhi Prime Minister” and “Punjabi Prime Minister”.  Sectarian and religious prejudice is also very serious.  Killing of a Doctor was termed as “Killing of a Shi’ah Doctor” by the news bulletin.  People have to face prejudice on account of language and place of birth every here and there.

 Media has failed to check the prejudice.  Elected governments could not successfully eradicate the prejudice,  while government headed by army officer prolonged their tenure of power by nursing the prejudice.  National Integrity Project shall diminish the prejudice with the help and cooperation of the distinguished national personalities and by promoting sprit of national integrity and preserving national ideology.  NIP shall chalk out different programs for eradication of prejudice.